“Then all the congregation of the sons of Israel journeyed by stages from the wilderness . . . according to the command of the Lord.” [Exodus 17:1]

what is FAITHFUL

Welcome to our “Faithful” campaign. We have called this campaign “Faithful” because God has been incredibly faithful to us. It really is a miracle that God overcame all of the obstacles that we faced, and here we are. The odds truly were stacked against us, but “if God is for us, who can be against us!”

We want to respond to God’s incredible faithfulness towards us in faithfulness towards Him and for the vision that He’s given us for the future.

I’m very excited about how we are going to continue to see God’s faithfulness towards us in the years ahead! Thank you for your “partnership in the gospel” as we all continue to serve Him.

With Faith,

Phil Chorlian

FAITHFUL messages

online commitment

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Thank you for your faithful participation in our capital campaign!